Tuesday, May 26, 2009


See, crap like putting in a link and it not showing up are the reason I have moved.

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Done Moved

After over 100 posts, I have decided to move. The name has been changed to "The City of Champions." (still debating name). Blogspot has been good to me, but this new site offers me a little more when it comes to a Mac and making writing a little easier. I have been wanting to do more writing, but sometimes complications with this site has made it difficult. I hope that I won't have the same problems with this new site.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Favorite Steeler Moments of the 2008-2009 Season

I know, I know football season is way over. I am writing this on the bring of the Penguins great comeback in Game 6 against Philly to win the series. Today is also the NFL Draft. (Welcome Ziggy Hood.) So I got to thinking... what are my top 6 (One for each ring) Steeler moments from this season.

6. Santonio Holmes squeaks over the goal line to win the division.

5. Ryan Clark absolutely destroying Wes Welker and the Steelers beating the Patriots.

4. My man Shea Shea picking off Tony Romo and going Pick-6 to beat the Cowboys on a freezing day in the 'Burgh.

3. James Harrison and his 100 yard INT return in Super Bowl XLIII.

2. The Catch.

1. Troy Polamalu seals the AFC Championship Game. (This is number one because I was at the game and it was the loudest and happiest moment of my sports-viewing life. An unreal experience.)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The 100-0 Debate

If you haven't heard, this girls varsity basketball team in Texas beat an opponent 100-0, resulting in media criticism and the eventual firing of the teams head coach. This team, although it has not been mentioned by media, has beaten other teams by large margins. They have held opposition to 5 and 7 points in other games.

This situation, in my opinion, is ridiculous. I played varsity high school basketball for four years. My team was pretty good for two years and very bad for two of those years. We lost games by 70 points... that bad. So I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I've won games by 50 and lost games by 70.

The key word in all this is: VARSITY.

Yes, I know, high school is a very impressionable time in a kids life. But in sports, especially at the highest level... to say that this is "unsportsmanlike" and "embarrassing" is totally uncalled for.

The only people at fault here A) the team that lost by 100 points, for participating in a league where such scores are possible... and b) the league itself, for letting a team like this (one that apparently has a roster full of girls with learning disabilities) participate in the first place.

The coach has said that he took off a full court press after the first three minutes because he knew the other team was not good. He had his team play a zone the rest of the game.

The problem is that these media people, of which I will hopefully be a peer to one day, DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL!

They see this 100-0 score and think it's ridiculous. But it was 88-0 at the end of the third quarter, meaning that the winning team only put up 12 points in the final quarter. You can't tell girls in high school to slow up or not play hard, because (since they are impressionable as high school athletes) they might go out and slow up the next time they have a lead.

The firing of this coach and the media criticism is completely undeserved.

Now, if this coach was full court pressing the whole game and practicing other methods to run up the score, I could see how it would be unsportsmanlike. But this coach did nothing wrong.

The visiting school should be embarrassed, as well as the league and the state of Texas' high school athletics association.

To the coach of the winning team, I extend to you my congratulations on a good, team win. I also give to you my sympathy in regards to you getting caught up in this blown out media fluff-story.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Final 4 2009

Well, Pitt lost. It sucked. I don't wanna talk about it.

Here's what I think about the rest of the unimportant tournament.

50% chance the Big East wins it all basically. Unreal.

My predictions:

Michigan State over Connecticut
- I like what UConn has done in the tourney. But with a stadium full of MSU fans, it'll be tough to win. MSU will have the momentum and edge out the huskies.

North Carolina over Villanova
- Nova has a good shot at winning it all. Seriously. The Heels will be too much though. Lawson will have a big game and take Scottie Reynolds out of the game.

National Championship

North Carolina over Michigan State
- In a rematch of a game played earlier this year, in the stadium stadium, UNC will win another championship. Despite a great effort by MSU, the Heels will pull away at the end and win by a few.

Blah. Whatev.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking at the Sweet 16 and Elite 8

After a weekend of basketball, we are down to sixteen teams.

Except Arizona, the Sweet 16 is looking like chalk city.

This is kinda a bummer. It's always good to see some Cinderella still dancing after the weekend.

But, I feel as if there is VERY good basketball still to be played.

Let's take a look at the matchups.


1. Louisville over 12. Arizona
-The Cardinals are just too much for a weaker Pac-10 team and the Cats have their dream come to an end.

3. Kansas over 2. Michigan State
-This has the feel of a thriller already. I think Kansas gets the edge though due to some great inside play recently.


1. Pittsburgh over 4. Xavier
- Sam Young is making a point. He'll be tough to stop and this team that lost to Duquesne earlier this year shouldn't be able to stop the Panthers.

3. Villanova over 2. Duke
- This one will be a classic. In the end though I think the Nova guards will make some big shots and squeak a win out in overtime over the very game Blue Devils.


1. North Carolina over 4. Gonzaga
- The Zags just can't handle the speed of Lawson. UNC in a blowout.

3. Syracuse over 2. Oklahoma
-While the Sooners have been playing great, I just like the Orange in this one. It will be close, but expect Devenbarf to make some shots late and send the Cuse on.


1. Connecticut over 5. Purdue
-UConn is just the better team. Purdue won't have answers for Adrian or Thabeet. Huskies cruise into the Elite 8.

2. Memphis over 3. Missouri
- Memphis is getting hot at the right time. This one will be close, but I see the Tigers (of Memphis) pulling it out.

___ ___ ___


3. Kansas over 1. Louisville
- Don't know why I like Kansas so much. But I think they are going to pull this thriller out. The Ville hasn't looked great so far, and I think they'll struggle against KU.


1. Pittsburgh over 3. Villanova
- Nova is one of only four teams to beat Pitt this season. I think the Panthers get their revenge and knock off Villanova in a close one to go to the FInal 4.


1. North Carolina over 3. Syracuse
- The Tar Heels are one of the best free throw shooting teams in the nation. Syracuse is one of the worst due to Onuaku shooting around 30% for the year. That will be the difference.


2. Memphis over 1. Connecticut
- An epic battle. This one will be great. I don't know much about the Tigers this year and I might know too much about the Huskies. But I'm going to take Memphis in a tight one.

___ ___ ___

So, there you have it. My Final 4 looks like this:

Kansas vs. Memphis

Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh the Madness

My bracket is crushed.
I watched 10 straight hours of basketball today.

Nothing happens during the day games. Something about those night games just brings the insanity.

Pitt tomorrow. Let's Go Pitt!